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Edward Wilks - The Tradesmen Gun Store - 128 East 3rd Street Rifle CO 81650 Colorado - Advanced Combat Training

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Handguns - Which one do I buy? - This page is under construction and I will finish it as soon as I can.  Thanks!  -Edward

     When it comes to selecting any handgun, you really only have three options or “firearm abilities” and, of those three options, you can really only pick two of them.  Let me explain.  

     Those three options are: Compactness, Round-capacity, Power - Pick Any Two!

Take a Glock .45 pistol, that holds 14+ rounds, which makes it powerful AND capacious... but NOT small.  In fact, it’s like carrying a motorcycle battery with a 2x4 as a grip.  Seriously!

Or, a .44 Magnum Derringer.  Powerful, concealable, but NOT many bullets.

Next, a Micro 22.  It holds seven rounds, and is small, but is in .22 caliber.

Many choose .380 sub-compact or pocket pistols for a nice mix of all three options.

     When you buy a self-defense pistol, there is only ONE thing that matters.  Just one.  It is NOT color, style, maker, price, grip, feel, sights, or even accuracy.  Not even safety matters!  Now, before you get all upset, hear me out on this...

     I don't care if your gun is pink, black, or engraved gold and silver.  I don’t care how much you spent on it. Price does NOT denote quality and performance.  And... listen carefully... It does NOT matter if a gun "fits" in your hand.  We adapt shooters to the environment... not the other way around.  In my advanced classes, you will be shooting them upside-down pulling the trigger with your finger.

     Consider this: A Cadillac may be comfortable... but it will NEVER win a NASCAR race!  Race-cars, tanks, and jet fighter-planes are NOT built to fit the operator.  They (like combat firearms) are designed to do ONE thing: Win Through The Maximization and Implementation of Superior Performance.  It has been my experience that a comfortable grip usually hinders that ability.  Also, I care very little about sights and accuracy.  The historically proven fact is that you will be within twenty-one feet of the threat (in reality, more like 7 feet and closer) so, ANY handgun should achieve solid hits at that distance.

     Finally, external and magazine safeties are only good for the bad-guy.  They keep him safe by making it more difficult for you to use your firearm.   Now, of course safeties “might” be beneficial, but since all these guns are “drop-safe” and the muzzles will be pointed in a safe direction as you carry them, and the triggers will be covered, you really don’t need more than that.  I’ll talk more about this later.

     The ONLY thing that matters is: Reliability.

     That’s it.  Does it work?  Does if fire every time?  Does it go "BANG!" every time you press the go button?  If not, you have a serious problem and no amount of money or accessories can help you.


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You would never pick the car most likely to win the NASCAR race by how comfortable the seat is?  In fact, it has been MY experience that... The more comfortable the grip, the less likely it is to be a "true combat firearm."

Also, if your gun jams, but only rarely, consider this: If I told you my airplane failed 1 out of 8 times, would you crawl into it and fly with me ever?