Edward Wilks - The Tradesmen Gun Store - 128 East 3rd Street Rifle CO 81650 Colorado - Advanced Combat Training

Edward Wilks - The Tradesmen Gun Store - 128 East 3rd Street Rifle CO 81650 Colorado - Advanced Combat Training

Colorado's Best Gun Store...

     The Tradesmen has been serving Colorado since 1993. Known for our low prices, great selection, and friendly customer service, we help our customers buy, sell, trade, and consign all types of firearms, equipment, and accessories including new, used, antique, and Class 3. We offer a complete spectrum of firearms services and training including Concealed Weapons Permit classes, basic firearms safety, advanced and private instruction, and even professional consulting and estate management.  Let us help you get the information and things you need.

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     No one sells guns for less. Not Walmart, not any store, not any website anywhere.  Period.  Pre-paid orders on ANY item are only $10 over cost. We sell quality used equipment still in excellent condition with full warranty. You can even use our FFL for on-line internet sales and transfers for only $30. Consider trading in your firearms, or, sell them here on consignment for a flat rate of $50. We also have law enforcement, military, government, and estate discounts and special offers.

     Our customer service is why everyone recommends us. We patiently and politely listen to your needs and wishes, and then help select the training and equipment that best suits your needs.  Buying a firearm involves great amounts of time, money, and responsibility and we want to help you make the best choice for you and your family. Our customers return to us again and again because of our friendly service, our vast experience, and because we make the process simple.

     We provide an entire spectrum of firearm education and training. From taking time here in our store to show you how different firearms work (their advantages and disadvantages, their suitability for self-defense and/or recreation, their cost and quality) to offering a full line of public and private firearms safety and personal defense classes that include: Introduction, Basic, Concealed Weapon Permit, and Advanced Tactical and Defensive Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun courses. We even have shooter-preparation classes for IDPA, Action Pistol, and 3-Gun Competitions. We also offer Glock and AR-15 Armorers courses and other classes in basic handgun, shotgun, and rifle takedown, disassembly, service, and repair.

      From beginner to advanced... children to champions... We'll make you safer, better, faster! Let us work with you as an individual, family, group, or organization.  Childcare and babysitting options (along with other aids and helps) are available for those with special needs. Then, we include a vast network of support organizations and informational resources that help you keep your knowledge, abilities, and equipment at their best. With more than twenty years of actual field-experience in military, law enforcement, civilian, and hunting firearms and training, we are the only area organization that offers this level of service.

      Our promise? To help you get the equipment and knowledge you need. So, if we don't have it right now, let’s work together to find a gun store that does. Sometimes, getting your gear now is more important than saving money. So, we'll help you by calling other stores and checking inventory and prices to show you which is closest, and who has the best price on what you need. We understand some gun stores might be frustrating because of high prices or poor customer service, but as American gun-owners, we need to stay positive and support one another.

     Come visit our store and see why our customers are always so happy. We really do have the friendliest customer service, the lowest prices, and the best advice, products, and training. Give us the opportunity to help you get the answers and equipment you need.

      We thank you for supporting our small, family-owned business.

- Edward Wilks, Owner